About Us

Founded in October 2014, Alauda.io is at the forefront of empowering professionals in software and IT, with a razor focus on delivering DevOps best practices and Continuous Innovation capabilities. Alauda.io offers Container-as-a-Service to simplify and streamline the creation, delivery and management of containerized applications. We integrate containers with the CI/CD pipeline and standardize Dev, Test and Prod environments to increase code velocity. We transform your existing infrastructure into a modern container platform to fully automate infrastructure and application management. Alauda.io is available as a cloud service or can be deployed on-premise. It provides a unified experience to manage public clouds, private data-centers, or hybrid environments. Our mission is to help organizations around the globe maximize developer productivity, achieve operational excellence, and modernize IT governance.

Alauda.io is a fast-growing start-up. We have a core team of world-class cloud computing experts with decades of combined experience in hyper-scale, enterprise-grade cloud platform development. We are strong advocates in the container technical community. We are collaborating with ecosystem partners to fundamentally change the way cloud apps are built, delivered and managed. Alauda.io has office branches in Seattle and Beijing, and is a member of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator.