Question: Whats a deal breaker in a relationship?

Getty Images. Deal-breakers in relationships are the things that will cause you to call it quits — no matter how long youve been together. Some common deal-breakers include a partners stance on having children, a lack of responsibility with money, or a lack of ambition.

What is the deal breaker mean?

or deal-break·er or deal·break·er something that would cause a person to abandon a plan, mutual arrangement, agreement, or relationship: Sorry, but entering into marriage with a partner who has hefty debt or terrible credit is definitely a deal breaker.

Should cheating be a dealbreaker?

In my experience, cheating often ought to be a deal breaker. In most cases, were taking about a person you trusted going to great lengths to lie to you about your relationship and their relationships with others. Its not so much the act of cheating that matters. Cheating happens within polyamorous relationships too.

Is Clinginess a deal breaker?

Being Clingy [3] Dating someone clingy will get tiring very quickly, and it can indicate that they dont completely trust you, which could end up being a deal-breaker.

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