Question: Where do rich people hang out in Hyderabad?

Where do celebrities hang out in Hyderabad?

10 Tollywood Celebrities Who Own Restaurants In HyderabadNavdeep – BPM (beats per minute) Nagarjuna – N Grill & N Asian. Allu Arjun – B-Dubs & Hylife. Sharwanand – Beenz coffee shop. Sundeep kishan- Vivaha bhojanambu. Director – Surender reddy – Ulavacharu. Shashank – Maya bazar. Neeraja Kona – T-Grill.More items

Is kondapur a posh area?

Kondapur is one of the prominent suburbs and neighborhoods of Hyderabad. Due to its proximity to Gachibowli and HITEC City, this area has been very popular among bachelors and IT professionals. It is also a preferred area for families as it offers great housing options with excellent infrastructure facilities.

Is manikonda costly area?

Properties for sale in Manikonda: Premium properties in this upscale neighbourhood can fetch Rs 15 crores – Rs 20 crores. However, rates may touch as high as Rs 80 crores at Lanco Hills. Properties for rent in Manikonda: Rents in this locality could go up to Rs 2 lakhs per month.

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