Question: Does anyone buy Hummels?

Are there local buyers for your Hummels or Lladros? Yes - but they will be resellers. They will want to buy your pieces for bottom-dollar so that they can resell in their antique booth or online shop.

What is the best way to sell Hummels?

A good way to liquidate the value of your Hummel figurine is to sell it at an auction. Most auction companies organize collectible auctions, advertised to networks of knowledgeable collectors and traders. There is a good chance to sell your valuable Hummel figurines at a fair price, though you never know with auctions.

What are the most valuable Hummels?

Among the highest-priced Hummels are the early designs of the “Apple Tree Boy” and “Apple Tree Girl.” Occasionally sold as a matched set, these compositions feature a boy and girl respectively nestled in an apple tree. They are also recorded as Hummel mold number #142 and #141.

Where can I sell my Hummels?

Where can I sell my Hummels locally?Auction House.Internet site such as RubyLane.Hummel collector club publications (these usually have a for sale or classified ads section you can advertise your Hummels in)Well know antique/collectible publications (classified ads section)Feb 5, 2020

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