Question: What does it mean to make bids on dates?

By placing bids (similar to an auction), the member will decide which offer he or she will decide to take. The bidder is expected to pay the agreed-upon amount during the date.

What does receive bids on dates mean?

Based on 28 documents. 28. Bid Date means the day on which the Bidder may submit Bids in the solicitation. Sample 1.

What does it mean to request a date on whats your price? is an eBay-like dating auction site where men bid on dates with attractive women. The men browse pictures and profiles and then make a monetary bid for the women, who then can chose to accept or make a counter-offer. The average price for a date is $80.

Where can I get paid to chat?

Get Paid to Chat : General WebsitesRent a Friend.Premium. Chat.Fiverr.Chat Support Representative in Amazon.LiveWorld.Accolade Support.JustAnswer.Chat Recruit.More items

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