Question: Who does Sam end up with SPN?

But the fact stands that if we believe his words, then Eileen was brought back for the final season to be a prop piece for Sam. And were not about that life, especially with the history of fridging that Supernatural has had when it comes to their female characters. Sam and Eileen got married. Dean approved.

Who does Sam marry in Supernatural Season 15?

Eileen Eileen, Sams love interest in season 15, was erased from existence in episode 18, Despair. She was presumably revived by Jack in the penultimate episode, Inherit the Earth, but its never confirmed.

Does Sam die in SPN?

Sam dies an elderly man, with his son at his side, only to reappear in Heaven as his younger self, where the two brothers embrace. To Dean, it had only been a brief time, but he was still overjoyed.

Who does Sam have a kid with in Supernatural?

Dean As Dean drives, we watch Sams life unfold on earth. He gets married and has a son that he names Dean. He plays catch with him, helps him with his homework, and eventually, grows old. (The one downfall of this montage?

How many times have Dean and Sam died?

Most of those deaths can be attributed to the Trickster, who kills him about 103 times during season 3, episode 11, Mystery Spot, when Dean and Sam are trapped in a time loop. Eleven of those deaths are seen onscreen.

Why did Dean die Supernatural?

Lets back up: When a standard vampire hunt went wrong, Dean was impaled on a nail. As a result, he died in his brothers arms. Sam then went on to live a full life with a wife and a son named Dean before he eventually died of old age.

Is Ruby in love with Sam?

Ruby is the Love Interest of Sam Winchester from the CW TV show Supernatural. She was played by Katie Cassidy and Genevieve Cortese, who later married Jared Padalecki, who played Sam Winchester .Ruby (Supernatural)Love InterestHobbyTeaching Sam how to use his demon powers, letting him drink her blood9 more rows

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