Question: Where is world star located?

WorldStarHipHop is a content-aggregating video blog. Founded in 2005, the site averages 1.2 million unique visitors a day. The site, operated by Worldstar, LLC, was founded by Lee Q ODenat, a Hollis, Queens–based hip-hop fan who attended Grover Cleveland High School before graduating.

Where is World Star Hip Hop located?

Los Angeles Overview Suggest EditTypePrivateFounded2005HQLos Angeles, CA,

How much does it cost to get on world star?

World Stars viewership may be subject for debate, but their revenue is real. According to the sites rate card, they charge $500 to post a video, $1,250 for mixtape/DVD trailers and $5,000 for X-rated clips.

When was worldstar created?

August 9, 2005 WorldStarHipHop/Dates launched

Who owns the worldstar Instagram account?

WorldStarHipHop Issues Instagram Statement On Founders Death. Lee “Q” ODenat, founder of the controversial hip-hop website WorldStarHipHop, died Monday at the age of 43. WorldStarHipHop issued a statement on its Instagram account confirming the news.

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