Question: How many seasons of the Undateables are there?

There have been 53 episodes since the documentary first aired on 3 April 2012, split into eleven separate series and a few additional episodes. The documentary has been narrated by Sally Phillips throughout.

Are any of The Undateables still together?

The Undateables stars Daniel Wakeford and Lily Taylor have announced they are no longer together. A year later in The Undateables: A Festive Proposal, the couple got engaged but posting to TikTok on Saturday (June 19), Daniel confirmed the couple have mutually decided to go their separate ways and remain friends.

Is The Undateables on Netflix?

But now its on Netflix for us all to enjoy - and its giving us serious Undateables vibes. The show follows a group of young adults with autism as they try to find the love of their lives. And the teaser promises its going to be a real tear-jerker.

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