Question: Which version of Love Island is the best?

Which Love Island series is the best?

Series three Series three Series three is the undisputed best series of Love Island there has ever been. This year transformed the programme from a casual dating show on ITV2 to a phenomenon that gripped the nation for an entire summer.

What is the most watched season of Love Island?

Love Island Season 7 Finale Boasts Record Viewers for ITV2 The numbers were 430,000 higher than the last season final, and beat the highest season 7 episode by 160,000 viewers. Including the 400,000 viewers who watched the episode on ITV Hub, the audience totalled 3.2 million viewers.

Here is a ranking of the most popular Love Island 2021 contestants, by who has the most followers on Instagram now.Millie Court – 1.3million.Liberty Poole – 1.3million. Chloe Burrows – 1million. Liam Reardon – 886k. Faye Winter – 873k. Teddy Soares – 852k. Toby Aromolaran – 750k. Kaz Kamwi – 700k. More items •Aug 26, 2021

Who is the richest person to come out of Love Island?

Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland The couple who met on Love Island in 2016 and got married in 2018 recently revealed they have earned the most out of all the former Islanders, with a joint fortune of £4.5m since appearing on the show.

Do they swear on Love Island?

No inappropriate language or behaviour Plus, sexual harassment and physical violence is included in this rule. Other than Sherif, the only villa removal weve seen because of rule-breaking was when Malia Arkian punched Kady McDermott back in season two, so its clearly a big one.

Who is KEMS girlfriend?

Who is Kem Cetinays girlfriend? Alexandra Lexie Hyzler, who is believed to be 25, is a stunning model and former dancer from Malta.

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