Question: What are the pros and cons of dating teens?

What are the pros and cons of being a teenager?

The main advantage of being a teenager is that you can explore yourself without serious consequences. You can find out who you are. The disadvantage is that there is difficulty in growing up, and puberty can be very hard. You also often have the intellect of an adult without all of the rights.

What are disadvantages of teenagers?

A real disadvantage of being a teenager is finances. Teenagers will not always have the money to pay for their own things, so they will need to ask for money from a parent or close friend, and then when they get the money made up they will pay that person back. But that is another reason that teenagers will get a job.

What is the advantage of teenager?

Teenagers have often very receptive brain, so they can learn faster and better than others; they need less time to acquire a knowledge. They can also work to develop and improve theirs brain. When you are young generally you live with parents so you do not have to carry about many things – you leave it them.

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