Question: Where did Nick Viall meet his girlfriend?

They met on Instagram. Nick told Insider earlier this year that Natalie DMed him first. “It was playful enough, and I guess it didnt come across as weird?” he joked. They started dating not long after.

How did Nick Viall meet his GF?

In February 2021, shortly after the pair first went public as a couple, Viall admitted that they met after Joy slid into his Instagram DMs. “It was very romantic,” he joked during an episode of his podcast.

What does Nick Viall girlfriend do for a living?

Shes a Surgical Technologist seriously love my job.” Nick also chatted about Natalies work on The Viall Files, saying, “What I like about [her line of work] is I know nothing about it. I couldnt do it.

Is Nick viall dating someone?

Nick Viall is the latest Bachelor Nation alum to find romance via Instagram. The former Bachelor star — who spoke to Insider after announcing the launch of Network Viall Files Media Group, his new podcast network — is currently dating Natalie Joy, a surgical technologist.

How old is Nick Viall and his girlfriend?

At 22, Natalie is 18 years younger than Nick, 40.

Did Victoria and Peter sleep together?

Reality Steve reported that he believes that Peter slept with both Hannah Ann and Victoria during their Fantasy Suite dates. Of course, there has been no official confirmation as to who slept with Peter in the Fantasy Suites, but just that someone did.

Is Kelley and Peter still together?

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber had a toxic relationship—and split. The exes met (before and) on Peters season of The Bachelor. But their relationship wasnt all roses ( had to), and Kelley says that shes completely cut Peter out of her life.

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