Question: Where can I date in Malaysia?

What can you do in Malaysia this weekend?

Fun Things To Do In KL This Weekend - Go For A Picnic, A High Tea Session, Or Try Indoor Rock Climbing!Go For A Picnic. Go For A High Tea Session. Go On A Hike Or Nature Walk. Check Out The Brand New ESCAPE CHALLENGE Park. Try Your Hand At Fishing. Indoor Rock Climbing. Grab Brunch, Desserts, Or Coffee.More items •28 Aug 2020

Where can I go this weekend in KL?

Here are 15 places in KL worth hopping on that 1-hour flight for:District 21. Indoor theme parks in Malaysia are often overshadowed by larger theme parks like Sunway Lagoon and Legoland. Martin Kary Salt Cave. Source. Chequers. Skytrex Adventure Park. Come Eat Lok Lok. Oh Scooter Cafe. Fei Fei Crab. Sunway Lagoon.More items •23 Mar 2017

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