Question: Which chat app is most used in Nigeria?

WhatsApp is the most used chat app among Nigerians, a study that reveals consumer preferences across five countries has revealed.

What is the most used app in Nigeria?

App App NameCategory Category1Pi BrowserCommunication2WhatsApp MessengerCommunication3Pi NetworkSocial4Chipper Cash - Send & Receive Money Across AfricaFinance46 more rows

How do I market an app in Nigeria?

This makes app marketing in Nigeria very critical, as it involve specific app marketing strategies to increase downloads, engagement, and usage .7 App Marketing Strategies in NigeriaApp Store Optimization (ASO) Write a blog. Seek Press Coverage. Offer Referral Rewards. Explore Social Media Channels.More items

What apps are only available in US?

Apps Only Available in The USAPandora.HBO Now.Apple Camera+Google Voice.USA TODAY.Apple iMovie.Vevo.Mar 1, 2021

Which apps are only for Iphone?

The Best iOS-Only AppsOvercast. So many podcasts to listen to, so little time. Hyperlapse. You might not be a cinematographer, but you can look like one on Instagram with Hyperlapse. Sky Guide AR. Bear. Apple TV Remote. Timepage. Voice Recorder & Audio Editor. Tweetbot.More items •30 Apr 2018

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